Our Sunday Fellowship Lunches

Informal Sunday Lunch From 12:30 – 3:30pm

We have an informal Sunday afternoon fellowship lunch time that everyone is welcome to join whether an existing member or new visitor.

This is a church tradition dating back to the Civil War period in Lebanon (1975-1990) when it was too dangerous or difficult for congregants to leave church after the morning services to eat lunch at home and return safely for early evening services. There’s no danger now like in those days, but we still enjoy the fellowship time and so we continue this tradition! 

Lunch is in the lower fellowship hall area of our church and begins shortly after the end of Sunday services and ends before our early evening service.

We do not cook or provide food for people that choose to have lunch with us. Everyone typically goes to nearby restaurants or street vendors to purchase their own meals as carry-out to bring back to the church. Some also bring food from their home that they cooked the night before and reheat it in our microwave or on our stove (which anyone is welcome to do). 

After people finish cleaning up from lunch coffee and fruit/treats is served by the church members for a further time of fellowship. 

Sunday fellowship meals beirut lebanon